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We understand the complexity and importance of desktop publishing services in this industry and its central role in the translation process. Our team can accomplish projects of any size, language, and format.

While desktop publishing is generally the last phase of a typical translation project, it gives the project its final appearance. No matter how good the quality of the translation maybe, even the smallest layout error can dramatically impact the final result.

We believe that the best guarantee for a successful outcome is to start by analyzing and adequately preparing the source file(s) for translation using CAT Tools. Thus a “preprocessing” phase is essential to identify any issues in/with the file(s) that can have an impact both on the translation and the desktop publishing phases.

We have encountered projects of all types and complexity during our 15 plus years’ in the translation industry. We want to make our experience available by offering you a personalized service that meets your needs.


1. Conversion of scanned
pdf files

With the aid of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs, we convert pdf files with unselectable text (such as Faxes) into editable, and thus translatable, formats (ex. MS Word, InDesign, FrameMaker).

2. Conversion of editable pdf files

In the event the native document (ex. MSWord, InDesign, FrameMaker) is not available but a pdf file with selectable text is, we can reconstruct the document in the requested format.

3. File preparation

Before processing the native files for translation, we verify that the text is not split by tabulators, soft returns or hard returns in order to maintain a clean TM and optimize the leverage from similar future documentation. This activity also permits individuating and eliminating potential issues that would be carried over into the target file(s).

4. Image localization

Using graphic software (ex. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), we can localize a variety of types of images.

5. Final Layout

We layout the translated file(s) making sure the formatting matches the source files and at the same time, respects the typographic standards of the target language(s).

Our workflow

Preprocessing of Files Workflow


Experience has taught us how much influence desktop publishing can have on translations. Our vision is to develop solid, long-lasting partnerships with our collaborators and clients. We will strive to always satisfy through good communication and by putting our know-how, efficiency and flexibility at your service.

“Coming together is a beginning, 
staying together is progress, 
and working together is success.”


About Foliage Solutions SRL

We are a new company built on the collaboration between a former translation project manager with over a decade’s worth of experience at a multinational translation provider and a group of Desktop Publishing (DTP) professionals to provide specialized solutions associated with multilingual DTP to other Language Service Providers (LSP).

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