Non-Latin Script & RTL Languages

Are you looking for a Desktop Publishing service provider capable of handling languages written in non-Latin scripts and right-to-left (RTL) direction?

Whether your clients operate in the Arabian region or across the Asian continent,
rely on Foliage Solutions to handle graphics tailored to the languages spoken by its people.

Our Unique Standing, Your Awesome Benefits

Achieve the perfect layout for non-Latin script & RTL languages

Regardless of language direction or script type, let’s help you get accurate formatting and visually engaging content.

With our well-found skills and diverse team of desktop publishing specialists skilled in handling DTP for visual materials in Arabic, Cyrillic, and more, you can be confident that your requests will be delivered with excellent quality, on-time, and in compliance with the linguistic conventions of the target language.

Foliage Solutions’ team of Desktop Publishing specialists are knowledgeable about the software and techniques that perfectly execute DTP projects in non-Latin script and RTL languages with precision and expertise.

Need support in Desktop Publishing tasks in
one of these languages?

What you’ll love about us

  • Quality Service

    We are not simply focused on completing desktop publishing tasks; our commitment goes beyond that. From the outset, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality desktop publishing project experience possible. Quality is not just a goal – it is our standard.

  • Attention to details

    With our firm dedication to thorough attention, honed through our experience in handling numerous detail-oriented projects, and a relentless pursuit of perfection, attention to detail is deep-rooted in our work ethic.

  • Modern DTP tools

    No matter the format you require, we have the perfect DTP tool for the job. With over 25 desktop publishing software and experts’ knowledgeable in each, we are equipped to handle DTP projects of any size and complexity.

Looking for top Desktop Publishing service that handles non-Latin script & RTL languages?

Trust us to deliver precise desktop publishing output,
expertly handling your visual content in non-Latin script & RTL languages.