Full Compatibility with CAT Tools to Optimize your Translation

Files that aren’t compatible for direct processing with CAT tools are not unusual for translation companies and LSPs. In such cases, the files must be converted into acceptable formats for processing by the CAT tool.

With our Full Compatibility with CAT tools solution, you’ll gain the advantages of smooth translation projects, including clean Translation Memories and providing optimal support for your translators.

Maximize the benefits and quality results of your CAT tool by entrusting your desktop publishing team who hold a strong familiarity with how CAT tools work.

Our Unique Standing, Your Awesome Benefits

Why is Full Compatibility with CAT tools important in translation?

Full compatibility ensures that all segments are imported and exported accurately, maintaining consistency in both terminology and style throughout a translation project. Previously translated segments are stored in a translation memory, allowing translators to reuse them in similar contexts.

Many CAT tools support collaboration between multiple translators and reviewers working on the same project, and another benefit of full compatibility is that all team members can access and work on the same files without compatibility issues, facilitating seamless collaboration. Language professionals can work more efficiently and above all, delivering high-quality translations in less time.

Full compatibility works across the board and is always the right choice.

What you’ll love about us

  • Expert DTP team

    Behind every successful desktop publishing project stands a skilled DTP specialist. With our team’s know-how and unwavering dedication, you can trust that your assignment will be delivered with high-quality output.

  • Flexible solutions

    Your specific requirements and needs take precedence with us. We ensure that each desktop publishing project is approached based on its unique characteristics, providing tailored solutions to meet your demands.

  • On-time turnarounds

    When you entrust us with a deadline, we make it our mission to meet it. Timely delivery is ingrained in our practices, upholding our reputation for reliability.

Full Compatibility with CAT tools service for efficient translation projects