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Content Extraction
& Rebuild PDF

Content extraction for translation in situations where only a pdf file and not the native file (e.g. InDesign) is available. Document rebuilding based on a pdf of a scanned document (like Faxes) in various formats.

All Languages

Handling of all languages, including those with complex characters and ideograms such as the Asian, Cyrillic, and Middle Eastern languages (Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Urdu, etc.). This includes layout and formatting of right to left languages (e.g. Arabic and Hebrew), respecting their typographic rules.

Full Compatibility
with CAT Tools

Full compatibility with the most commonly used Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools.


We know how to successfully accomplish even the most-demanding projects for our clients, on time, and within budget.


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Our experience and focus allow us the flexibility to offer you personalized solutions with competitive turnaround times and rates.


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These are some of the industry sectors where Foliage has had more experience and requests since our founding. We are always open to expanding our services to new types of industries.

DTP Services for Agriculture Industry


DTP Services for Automotive Industry


DTP Services for Consumer Goods Industry

Consumer Goods


DTP Services for Legal Industry


DTP Services for Life Sciences Industry

Life Sciences


About Foliage Solutions SRL

We are a new company built on the collaboration between a former translation project manager with over a decade’s worth of experience at a multinational translation provider and a group of Desktop Publishing (DTP) professionals to provide specialized solutions associated with multilingual DTP to other Language Service Providers (LSP).

Foliage Solutions SRLS via Olindo Malagodi 6, 44042 Cento (FE) Italy