Desktop Publishing Services for Translation Companies & LSPs

Unlock Seamless Translations with our Expertise in
Desktop Publishing Solutions and Knowledge in CAT Tools

Desktop Publishing for Translation Companies and LSPs







Hassle-free translation processes and pristine translation memories

Imagine hassle-free translation processes and pristine translation memories. Sounds ideal?

With Desktop Publishing as our foundation and CAT Tools as our specialty, we offer you our expertise in managing both monolingual and multilingual documents, resulting to optimized translation processes.

We know the challenges posed by uncommon document formats as well as varying CAT tool requirements,
and we are here to assist you.

Desktop Publishing Services to
Optimize Your Translations

Exclusively tailored for Translation Companies & LSPs worldwide

Desktop Publishing

Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, our desktop publishing team expertly lays out your documents in your target languages.

File Preparation

Ensure a smooth translation process with accurate file analysis and preparation techniques to get your files ready for translation.

Content Extraction &
PDF Rebuilding

Trust our DTP specialists to handle non-editable PDFs with advanced OCR tools, making your scanned documents usable for your needs.

RTL & Non-Latin
Script Languages

Take advantage of our experience with RTL and non-Latin languages.
We also handle documents in languages such as Arabic, Greek,
Thai, and more!

Full Compatibility
with CAT Tools

Seamlessly integrate your documents with CAT tools through full compatibility and efficiency done by our DTP experts, ensuring an enhanced workflow for you.

Desktop Publishing Proofreading

Guarantee that your translated graphic material/s are flawless with our detail-oriented review of layout, formatting, and more, delivering your clients a polished, publication-ready final product.

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Conversation with Daniele

Conversation with Daniele Daniele is one of the DTP specialists at Foliage Solutions. He’s kindly agreed to be interviewed to share….

What You’ll Love About Us

Deep Insight into
the T9N Industry

Gaining insight into your needs means understanding your place and challenges
within the translation landscape.

Technology & Tools

Our modern technology and tools encompass a range of powerful software and robust hardware to maintain peak performance, efficiency and final output.

Commitment to Accuracy, Punctuality, & Proficiency

Our attention to detail extends far beyond layout perfection. We uphold the standards, ensuring timely delivery and consistently
high-quality DTP output.

Tailored Services for your Unique Needs

Recognizing that every company is unique, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Diversified Desktop
Publishing Team

Our multicultural setting and perspective enhance our ability to understand the complexities of multilingual documents and materials, thereby enriching our work.

Fine-tuned Desktop Publishing Workflows

Leveraging our team’s extensive experience, we’ve crafted proven workflows that consistently produce excellent results.

Ready to optimize your translation projects with our expert Desktop Publishing services?

Trust that your desktop publishing needs are in capable hands with our proven experience in serving translation companies and LSPs.

Features you'll love about out desktop publishing services