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Our head office is located in Italy with the team located in various countries in Europe which, along with our use of teleworking, allows us to cover standard European office hours as well as provide overlap for US-based clients 9 AM – 6 PM (GMT+2).

You can also contact us directly by email at ,
or call us at phone no. +39 02 999 44 888.

We don’t spend time explaining
great customer service. We deliver!

How do we do that?

By promptly and accurately replying to your emails

By creating tailor-made quotes

By actively listening and asking the right questions to clarify issues

By making calls to speed the process

We don’t promise what we can’t deliver

How do we deliver accurate projects on time?

  • We give clear instructions to PM.

  • We pick up the phone and clarifying issues quickly.

  • We go back to you, if needed.

  • Double check.

  • Triple check.

  • Follow-up.

About Foliage Solutions SRL

We are a new company built on the collaboration between a former translation project manager with over a decade’s worth of experience at a multinational translation provider and a group of Desktop Publishing (DTP) professionals to provide specialized solutions associated with multilingual DTP to other Language Service Providers (LSP).

Via Vincenzo Monti, 32
20123 Milano